Brooke Davis appreciation week » day 3: favorite season

"Do you know what my mother said to me when I told her I wanted to start a company? She said your chances are one in a million. And I said maybe I’m that one, and she said you’re not. And she was wrong. And whatever she thought she saw in me, was wrong. Because I am one in a million. And there is a child out there who has something so special inside of them but who’s life is so miserable because they think that nobody wants them. And I could be great mother to that child, no matter their age or race or sex. I could help them find what makes them special. And if you can’t see that then you’re wrong, just like my mother, so why don’t you go ahead and write that down?"

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Brooke Davis Appreciation Week » Day 3: Favorite Season

Gorgeous brunette with an amazing energy and smile. Funny. Intelligent. Kind-hearted. Strong-headed. Simple. Complicated. Motherly. Childish. Tough. Sensitive. Beautiful. Way cooler than she was in high school.

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Ray - waiting patiently for his treat.


Ray - waiting patiently for his treat.

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At the end of the day you are who you are, and it’s probably who you’ve always been

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